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     Christopher Rozanski was born in Troy, Michigan and now proudly resides in Astoria, NY. It was in 4th grade that Chris quickly learned that he would rather rehearse for his star turn as the Captain in H. M. S Pinafore than go to recess. It was the following year, when he landed the role of Major General as a 5th grader in Pirates of Penzance, that he knew that being an actor was what he was born to do. Chris, along with his sister Ashley, spent their childhood performing in many local community theatre and high school productions. 


     Chris continued his education by getting his BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from Oakland University. Upon graduation, Chris moved to New York and quickly joined The Actors Equity Association. It was then that he choose to perform under the name, Christopher Persichetti to honor his maternal grandparents. They still get excited when they see "Persichetti" in a program! 

   An accomplished bartender, when Chris is not performing, you can catch him behind the bar at Joe Allen Restaurant, mixing drinks for Broadway's best. So come on in, talk about theatre, and enjoy a "Rosebud"cocktail.



Fun Facts:

-Tends the bar at the world famous Joe Allen Restaurant


- Proud Lefty

-King of useless trivia

-Afraid of Blue Whales

-Has a sister, Ashley Yvonne, who is also an actor 

-Detroit sports fan

-Regularly writes and performs sketch comedy with two NYC comedy troupes (Crass Monkey, The Defiants)

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